Analysis of training needs is a process of identifying areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes important for the development of the organization and the people who need it. By analyzing the needs, we aim to plan development activities focused at increasing the level of employees' competences and improving their ways of dealing with new situations or professional challenges.

The implementation of a specific solution related to new regulations, quality improvement, cost reduction or learning or incurring competences requires a training program tailored to the specific situation of the client.

We effectively help in the following areas:

Analysis of training needs

1.    Analysis of existing or required training in the field of the organization's needs, in particular in the field of the company's strategy and mission, its development directions, organizational culture, industry specifics, main processes and procedures as well as the organizational structure
2.    Analysis of existing or required training in the field of individual employees' needs, after getting acquainted with the assessment of the performance of a particular employee, as well as learning about his strengths and weaknesses of competence
3.    Assistance in assessing training needs within a specific budget
4.    Assistance in assessing the need for closed vs. open training

Implementation of training programs

We help to implement training programs in three phases that ensure long-term results in terms of increasing the competences of training participants / workshops and changing attitudes and values.

  • Preparatory phase – precise definition of the problem and preparation of the workshop / training
  • Implementation phase – conducting trainings / workshops
  • Follow wp - defining action plans, supporting the implementation of initiatives, monitoring and evaluating progress, next steps

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