Internal legal departments can be a single or multi-person units. Particularly complex Legal Departments face a number of business or personnel challenges. They operate under the pressure of the lowest possible costs with an increasing number of tasks and the need to provide the highest quality of business support at the same time.

We understand how legal departments work, we use our own experience gained while managing the legal department of an international corporation.

As part of the In-House Legal specialization, in particular, we help in the field of:

Support for in-house departments

  • Support in the management of the Legal Department
  • Advising on the organization of work in the Legal Department and cooperation with internal clients
  • Mapping of processes and areas requiring legal support
  • Assessment of resources inside the organization or from outside (in-house vs. outsource)
  • Advising on procedures for the purchase of legal services
  • Assistance in creating tools for managing the budget of legal aid expenses
  • Support in building relationships with business partners, support functions, management, etc.
  • Creating added value within the legal department
  • Employee evaluations, matrices of the implementation of entrusted tasks
  • Assistance in recruitment and workshop panels

Crisis management

  • Assistance in recognizing a crisis situation – internal, external, employee, competitive,
  • production, product, reputational, financial, etc.
  • Assessment of warning signals and recommendation of possible business and legal actions
  • Support in the creation of procedures / plan for appropriate response to crisis situations
  • Advising on the preparation of statements for the press, TV, social media
  • Support in the evaluation of media activities, information appearing in the press / TV
  • Cooperation with PR / corporate communication departments
  • Assistance in setting up appropriate emergency response teams


  • Support on the day-to-day challenges of in-house lawyers
  • Assessment and diagnosis of developmental needs
  • Building a development and career path
  • Preparing alternative career paths
  • Exchange of experience and best practices
  • Relationship building assistance and networking


  • Permanent or ordered outsourcing of professional legal advisors
  • In-house lawyers’ secondments

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