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Pro- and anti-competitive agreements

  • Creation and analysis of distribution systems, incl. rebate schemes and trade policies
  • Assistance in trade negotiation and balancing negotiation power
  • On-line and off-line trade policies
  • Development and analysis of price policy – list price, triple net, recommended or maximum pricing
  • Analysis and protection of collected customer resale – type of data free to collect and process
  • Category management – positioning as category leader or captain
  • Buying groups and selling groups
  • Providing own infrastructure to retail entities (eg.  refrigerators / build-ins / displays)

Abuse of dominant position

  • Dedicated products and limited offers - possibilities of differentiating offers without running a risk of discrimination
  • Establishing a direct relationship with the manufacturer in terms of supplies
  • Manufacturer's refusal to supply or sell
  • Balancing negotiation power - assistance in negotiations with the seemingly stronger party
  • Assessment of the nuisance of terms of cooperation with the producer or customer

Building a competitive advantage

  • Legal acquisition of information on competitors' activities
  • Parallel activities (price leaders, matching competition)
  • Determining the principles of secure contacts with competing companies

Dawn raids and controls

  • Training simulations or assistance in the event of a dawn raid
  • Assistance in explanatory and antitrust proceedings

Consumer protection

  • Analysis of promotional and marketing mechanisms
  • Identifying and supporting the combating unfair competition
  • Assistance in cases of imitation of name, company, trademark, products
  • Obstructing market access
  • Unfair advertising (misleading, comparative advertising prohibited)
  • Opinions on contracts, regulations and contract templates
  • Infringement of collective consumer interests

Compliance programs

  • Support in creation of practical and user friendly instructions and policies
  • Implementation a training system for employees - tailored to the group of recipients, level of knowledge advancement and substantively accessible
  • Audits of the effectiveness of Compliance programs and assistance in potential areas requiring intervention
  • Creating and implementing early warning systems (whistleblower, ombudsman, hotline) tailored to local realities
  • Protection of business secrets - information classification, "clean desk" policy
  • Training in the form of simulations of dawn raids

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