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  • Małgorzata Zabrocka 1

    Training Programs Coordinator

    Economist by education. Master of planning, organization and implementation of projects in which she participates or creates. Over the past 10 years, Małgorzata has gained extensive experience in the Finance Department (factory and market) of Wrigley, and now Mars – supporting the practical dimension of finance for sales, marketing and coordinating the team's work. She had the opportunity to work with experts from variety of departments: marketing, sales, planning and logistics and through that - gaining the ability to understand in depth of the business in the broad perspective. She has participated in many projects of a local, regional and global nature. Recently, she represented the financial department the merger of Wrigley and Mars in Poland, as well as in building the business strategy. She created and implemented a series of financial training plans for the sales department at Mars. For nearly a year , she has been responsible for the creation of a uniform Compliance program in the field of competition law at Mars.

    Małgorzata can quickly establish herself in new environments and in a changing reality – also professionally. New challenges and tasks come to her as if she has been dealing with them forever. She solves difficult problems by noon, impossible by the evening. She can combine the challenges posed by the world of corporations with the construction of a training program within our law firm.

    Every day, she is passionate about exploring new corners of the world.

    Speaks English fluently.

    Budynek Nobel Tower
    ul. Dąbrowskiego 77A, 60-529 Poznan, Poland

    NIP: 7821655409 / REGON: 383743632

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