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Even more than ever, the role of well-functioning internal Compliance Programs and reporting channels will increase.

Typically associates are well informed and have knowledge about abuses or other irregularities in the  company. What prevents them from filing a complaint is mainly a concern of retaliation or negative feedback from managers.

As early as 2021, the EU will guarantee whistleblower with high protection in a number of sectors, eg. in the field of public procurement, financial services, combating money laundering, product safety and transport, nuclear safety, public health and protection of consumers and data.

In October this year, the Council adopted new rules on whistleblowers' protection. Creation of safe reporting channels will become mandatory. These are to be channels both inside the organization (private or public) and channels addressed to public authorities. The new rules also give whistleblowers a high protection against retaliator and oblige national authorities to adequately inform citizens and to train public officials on how to handle irregularities. The rules will now be formally signed and published in the Official journal. Member States will have 2 years to transpose them into national law.

Eliza Iwaniszyn will share the practical aspect of whistleblower position in the organization on the next 10. Corporate Legal Counsel's Jubilee Conference (26-27 February 2020).

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