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What is monopsony and what does it mean in practice. Answer below.

The sales agreements (alliances) are one of the least frequent discussed topics in antitrust considerations. As a rule, they are permitted under existing regulations, but the practical application creates a series of restrictions and concerns.

Below mentioned article is an attempt to take a fairly difficult topic on the table, which in the era of progressive consolidation of entrepreneurs, can have a considerable practical significance. In the article, a few words about the regulations of purchasing and sales groups in the US, EU and national perspectives. It also touched on the areas of the highest antitrust risks and the simultaneous potential possible circumstances in which it is worthwhile to undertake a thorough analysis of the conclusion of sales agreements.

We invite you to read the following article by Eliza Iwaniszyn in the online Magazine of Antitrust and Regulatory Law (4/2019): Sales groups as a potential counterweight of purchasing power groups.

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